Fascinating Facts of Arasa Maram The King Of Trees


Ficus Religiosa in Latin (sacred fig) or Arasa Maram in Tamil ( king of tree ), the peepal tree is sacred in Indian tradition — it is also known as the Bodhi tree or Aswatha tree. This sacred tree native to the Indian subcontinent is a storehouse of medicinal value. Along with neem and tulsi, it provides the maximum oxygen and purifies the surroundings. It plays a vital role in preserving the ozone layer and reducing air pollution. Since it gives out lot of oxygen after sunset, it is also worshipped in the evenings. Thats why people in villages love to sleep beneath the tree and pregnant ladies often circle the tree during prayers in temple. Beside that , the leaves also used as plate to serve pongga soru (sweet rice) and other sweets for devotees at temples.

dsdsdIn traditional medicine, it is beneficial in treating nearly 50 types of disorders such as asthma, dysentery, arthritis, boils and acne, etc. The leaves, the bark and the fibre are used for fodder, dye, tanning, and the milk is used as a sealant.

These trees provide us shade, shelter, a purer environment, so many health and medicinal benefits besides their unique beauty and cultural significance. Peepal is a tree worshipped since the dawn of civilization and has great medicinal value apart from religious significance.dscscsc

This sacred tree native to the Indian subcontinent is a storehouse of medicinal value. Peepal tree leaves contain Glucose, Asteriod and Mennos,Phenolic while its bark is rich in Vitamin K, tainen and Phaetosteroline. All of these ingredients make the peepal tree an exceptional medicinal tree.

According to the science of Ayurveda, every part of the peepal tree – the leaf, bark, shoot, seeds and its fruit has several medicinal benefits, and it is being used since ancient times to cure many diseases. cscs

Acharya Bal Krishan has given the following medicinal tips for the use of Peepal:

1. For bleeding diarrhoea: Take soft stems of peepal, coriander seeds,crystal sugar in equal quantity and mix them well and take its 3-4 grams twice a day and it is very useful in this disease.

2. For poor appetite: Take ripe fruits of Peepal. Peepal fruit can also be taken for cough, pitta, blood-related problems, burning sensation and vomitting etc.

3. For stomach pain: Make paste of 2.5 leaves of a peepal plant and mix with 50 grams jaggery and make small tablets of the mixture and take it 3-4 times a day. It will soothe the stomach pain.

4. For Asthma: Take a bark of plant and its ripe fruits. Make their powder separately and mix them in equal quantities. In take of this mixture thrice in a day is very effective in this problem. Make a powder of dry fruits of peepal and take it with two to three grams of water for 14 days twice a day and this will prove very effective.

5. Snake Bite: In case of a snake bite give 2-2 spoons of the extracts of Peepal leaves three to four times to reduce the effect of the poison

6. For skin diseases: Eat the soft leaves of Peepal and the problem itching and other skin diseases are cured. Taking 40 ml tea of this leaf is equally effective.

7. Eczema itching: Take 50 gms peepali bark ash and add lime and ghee properly and make the paste of the mixture. Apply this paste on effective areas and it will prove soothing effects. Take 40 ml tea of peepal bark regularly and it will also be useful.

8. Cracked Heals: Apply Peepal leaf extracts or its milk on cracked hands and heels to get best results.

9. For blood purification: Take one to two gm of Peepal seeds powder and take it with honey twice a day and it will purify the blood. In the gastric-related blood disorders take 40 ml kwath and five gms of honey for best results.

10. For impotency: Take half spoon of peepal fruit powder thrice a day with milk. You will get rid of impotency and give strength to the body.

Equal quantity of peepal fruits, its roots,bark and ginger may be mixed and treat it with milk and then add sugar candy and honey in it and take the mixture twice a day and it will improve sex power.

Take equal quantity of peepal fruit, roots, bark and add sugar and honey in it. It will increase sex power

11. For constipation: Take 5-10 fruits of peepal daily and it will cure the problem of constipation permanently

12. For Liver and spline disease: Take 3-4 fresh leaves of Peepal and mix crystal sugar in it and make its powder. Mix the powder in 250 ml water and then filter the mixture. This squash has to be given twice a day to the patient for 5 days. This medicine is very effective for patient of Jaundice.

13. For Swelling in Spline: Take 10-20 gms of peepal bark and burn it out and add equal quantity of Kalmi Shora and pour it in ripe banana and eat one such banana each day and it will cure swelling of spline swelling.

14. For Hiccups: Take 50-100 gms bark of peepal and make tis charcoal and extinguish it in water. The intake of this water is very useful for patients of Hiccups

15. For eye pain: Take the milk of the leaves of the plant and apply on the eye. It will cure eye pains

16. For tooth disease: Take barks of both peepal and banian tree in equal quantity and mix them well and boil the mixture in hot water. Use it for rinsing in the mouth and it will cure teeth pain.

dxaxaThe peepal tee is not simply a part of India’s heritage but also has practical applications to human health. The medicinal values of peepal tree and the astonishing peepal tree benefits can really transform your overall health. Now that you know the ways in which this versatile tree can benefits your health, you ought to start making use of the health benefits.

Start with drinking peepal juice or preparing peepal tea instead of your regular tree. You could also make use of peepal leaves extract and the bark powders for addressing various day to day problems and staying healthy.



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