Indian Traditional baby naming ceremony & 30th day prayers

Baby faces the new world with 2 main ceremonies. In most Indian families they take note of the time and date the child is born.

One of the family member will bring these details to the temple priest and ask him to write down the suitable starting letters for the childs name. Therefore the family will name the child starting with the first letter the priest wrote for them. They follow this method because Indians believe in astrologer and planets which will bring luck for the baby and family.

Before the mother and baby enters the house, the elderly woman will take arathi for them. This is done to clear off all the evil eyes on both of them. They will also keep the prayer’s room door close for 16 days.

On the 16th day will the main ceremony for the new born baby. It is the naming ceremony for th child. The will do prayers before naming the child. The pray to the goddess of baby to protect the child from all evil things. During the prayers they will have a big banana leaf with non-vegetarian food such as chicken, egg, dried fish and ect. The will get a whole chicken for this prayer. The leg of the chicken is the main during this prayer. They are sacrificing all these food for the god. They will also have kolukathai which is in the shape of lamp and made of rice flour and brown sugar. Once it is made into the shape of lamp they will place ghee of pour oil into the center potion. Then they will place their (woolen material) and light up. End the of the prayer they will take and give to married ladies so that the next prayer will be in their house.

The will carry the naked child upside down and go around the banana leaf 3 times and leave him on the floor. After that they will wear for the baby all the important stuffs which will keep the child from sickness and evil things from attacking him or her. They will dress the child and call for the maternal uncle. He is the brother of mother. He is an important person for every function for the child. Here is where the naming ceremony starts. They will get a bamboo stick and tie the mothers wedding sari as a cradle. Two women will be holding on to each side of the bamboo. Then the maternal uncle will carry the child and will tell the baby’s name in his or her ears 3 times. Then he will place the child in the cradle and telling his name. This is the end of the 16th day.

On the 30th day, the whole family will go to the temple. Beforehand they will call the temple and order for the prayer stuffs such as the food and garland. This is the day where mother and child will step into the temple after 30th days. On this day they will give the child for adoption to the god (goodness for child). They will place the child in the cradle specially made for the adoption. After this ceremony is done they will then open the prayer room in the house. These are the 2 main ceremonies which will take place when the child is born.

Source: RevivingBeautyLab

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