Seremban Students Win Gold For Medical Invention

Avienash Shankar, Dineshwaran Rajan and Amar Aizad from SMK Seremban 2, Negeri Sembilan are young inventors with a keen interest in robotics. Recently, they made Malaysia proud as their invention ‘Baymax: Medical Box’ bagged a gold medal at the 2019 Bangkok International Intellectual Property, Invention, Innovation and Technology Exposition (IPITEx 2019).

Officiated by Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister, Prajin Juntong, IPITEx 2019 received participants from China, Poland, Indonesia, Iran, United Kingdom, Canada, South Korea, the Philippines, Romania, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

What is Baymax?

Baymax is a portable medical box that carries out checkups on a patient and gives accurate results right away. Different types of sensors have been used to carry out medical checkups and the box contains Arduino Mega and Arduino Uno boards to power up the LCD to display the results.
There are blood pressure and blood glucose monitors fixed at the external surface of the box to get readings from the patient. The medical box also contains a keypad to allow the patient to key in their height and weight to calculate their BMI (Body Mass Index). The entire medical report will be sent to the patient’s mobile phone via Bluetooth. This allows the patient to save their reports for future references.
Prevention is always better than cure. In a world where the quality of air and food is constantly deteriorating, keeping a medical box like this can be very useful. Truly, a deserved win!
One of the winners, Avienash started learning robotics at the tender age of 6 and in the video below, he shows us how to build an NXT race car in 5 minutes and shares his robotics journey:

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  • Patmanathan Subramaniam

    Proud of our Indians achievements in our country, although not truly recognised by our government let’s recognise them ourselves by viralling it.


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