JAGAT is first Malaysian Tamil film on Netflix

The award winning film Jagat is first Malaysian Tamil film on Netflix. The crime drama directed by Shanjhey Kumar Perumal was released in 2015.


Its director Shanjhey Kumar Perumal in a Facebook post announced on Monday (April1): “Good news everyone. Jagat is now available to worldwide audience via Netflix platform. #jagatthemovie.”

A few days before the announcement, Shanjhey was also one of the recipients of the Inspiring Young Leaders Award 2019 by The Edge Malaysia.

The synopsis of the 2015 movie on Netflix’s website reads: “In early 1990s Malaysia, a Tamilian boy faces pressure from his immigrant father to focus on school but is drawn to his uncles’ lives of crime.”

In 2016, Jagat was declared Best Malaysian Film at the 28th Malaysia Film Festival (FFM28), with Shanjhey receiving the award for Best Director.

The movie was also selected as one of the seven films from Asean for screening at the SAC Asean Film Festival 2017.


Prior to Jagat winning the awards, Shanjhey had also voiced out dissatisfaction over the movie’s limited screentime in local Malaysian cinemas in 2015.

Jagat now joins the other Malaysian movies available on the streaming service platform, including Paskal: The Movie, Pulang, Hantu Kak Limah, Rise: Ini Kalilah and One Two Jaga.




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  • A good movie .we need to get the young indians out of gansterism. if not one day they will be shot one by one. what a waste of human lives.


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