Vinnothyni Velayutham Won 2nd Best Service Award in Immigration Department along with 28 Indian Officers

Puan Vinnothyni Velayutham won 2nd Best Service Award in the Immigration Department for year 2018 along with other 28 Indian officers in various department.

Puan Vinnothyni Velayutham and also another achiever Puan Angeshwari Subramaniam are working in the immigration department at Jalan Duta in Kuala Lumpur. This is the second time Mrs.Vinnothyni receive the award since start working in Immigration department 11 years ago.

A total of 865 officers and staff were honoured with the Best Service Awards for providing excellent service in the field of Malaysian Immigration. Of these figure 28 were Indian officers and staff.

The ceremony held last week Friday 12 April 2019 at the headquarters of the Interior Ministry in Putrajaya and attended by Deputy Minister of Interior, Dato Mohammed Aziz Jamun and Malaysia Director General Dato Indra Cheryl Saimi.

We from Tamizhar Media would like to express a big congratulations to Puan Vinnothyni and all the Indian Officers. Your achievement will inspire our youngsters to join government service.


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