Tamil Nadu’s Adichanallur relics are 2,900 years old between 905 BC and 696 BC

Chennai: The Madras high court has said based on the Carbon dating report regarding samples taken from Adichanallur site, the Archaeological Survey of India has to take a decision whether it is going to excavate on its own or the Central government is going to permit the state government in this regard.

A division bench comprising Justices N.Kirubakaran and S.S.Sundar said, “At last, the age of the Adichanallur archaological site is revealed. Yes. Carbon dating of the samples of artifacts of Adichanallur site, Tamil Nadu, proves the age as 696 to 905 B.C. Adichanallur Archaeological site was excavated during 2004 and 2006 by Dr.T.Sathyamurthi, Archaeologist.

Even after passing of 15 to 16 years, the samples were not sent for carbon dating and the report was not made ready”.


In spite of many efforts taken by intellectuals, literates, historians, political leaders, archaeologists, nothing has been done by Archaeological Survey of India, for the reasons best known to them, to send the Adichanallur samples for carbon dating.

Only after the present petition has been filed and series of directions have been given to send the samples taken from Adichanallur site for carbon dating to Miami, Florida, United States of America.

The samples were sent to the Beta Analytic Testing Laboratory, Miami, Florida and a report has been filed on April 3. The Director of Beta Analytic Testing Laboratory, Miami, Florida, by his report dated March 18, 2019 states that the samples taken from Urn-No.58 is aged between 696-540 cal BC (viz., 2645-2489 years), 791-701 cal BC (viz.,2740 -2650 years) and Urn.No.105 is aged between 905-806 cal BC (viz., 2854-2755 years). Hence, Adichanallur is proved to be the earliest ancient site in Tamil Nadu, the bench added.


The bench said the Adichanallur site spreads about more than 114 acres and as per the orders of this court, fencing has been done by Archaeological Survey of India. Further this court, directed to have police outpost to prevent any damage being caused to the site. Dr.T.Sathyamurthi, who excavated the Adichanallur site and Dr.Sathyabhama Badhreenath, Archaologists, were also present earlier before this court. Dr.T.Sathyamurthi submitted that he already prepared three reports and the fourth volume has to be made ready.

It has been stated that she has been nominated for preparing the report. In view of reception of carbon dating report regarding samples taken from Adichnallur site, there would not be any problem for making the report. Therefore, the Assistant Solicitor General of India, has to get instructions regarding the time required for preparing the report, the bench added.


The excavated site at Adichanallur in Srivaikuntam taluk in Tuticorin district.

Tamil inscriptions, it will prove that the age of the Tamil was more than 345 BC and much older than Dhamma Lip (Prakrit in the Brahimi Script) of Ashoka Edicts, which was stated to be dated from 268 BC to 232 BC. Therefore, in this regard, a report has to be filed by the Tamil Nadu Archaeological Department, the bench added and posted to April 11, further hearing of a PIL.


Source : IndiaToday


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