Farmer’s daughter from Tamil Nadu wins first Gold medal for India!

Tamil Nadu Athlete Gomathi Marimuthu has won a Gold medal in the Asian Athletics championships held at Doha, Qatar, clinching the medal in the 800 m race event. It must be noted that this was India’s first Gold in the tournament. Gomathi hails from Mudikandam village near Trichy and is from a family dependent on agriculture.

Born in an economically backward family, Gomathi had been training herself in athletics ever since she was 20 years old, and in 2013, in the Asian Games held in Pune, she secured 7th place and two years later in 2015, she had secured 4th place in the Asian Athletics championship held in China.

In the past two years Gomathi lost her father to cancer and her coach to a heart attack; and later, she also suffered a groin injury. She overcame every obstacle and emerged as a true example of courage and conviction.


Champion Gomathi was welcomed and celebrated by Naam Tamizhar (NTK) youths

Now, in the current edition of the championship held at Doha, Gomathi Marimuthu ran 800 meters in 2 minutes and 02.70 seconds, which is her personal best. She had later said that it was unbelievable that she achieved it, and said that the last 150 meters were tough. While the whole world was celebrating the champion, her mother in her home town did not know the information, and got to know only after a girl from the village informed her.



With the medals of her Daughter. Mother of Athlete Gomathi Marimuthu who won Gold in Asian Athletics, Qatar.

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