Cambodia to build Rajendra Chola statue and introduce Thirukkural in school syllabus

TAMIL NADU: The Angkor Thamil Sangam and Pannattu Thamilar Naduvam along with The Cambodian Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, and Seenu Gnanam Travels are planning to unveil the statues of Chola emperor Rajendra Chola and Khmer emperor Suryavarman I in Siem Reap, Cambodia in May 2022 to commemorate the friendship of these two great kings in the region. Also announced that one of greatest tamil classic literature Thirukkural’ will be translated to khmer language and introduced into school syllabus.

Around 25,000 Tamils across the world are expected to attend the event which would strengthen India and Cambodia’s bilateral relations, a press release said.


Pannatu Thamilar Naduvam president Thanigasalam, Cambodian Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts officials Prom Khemara and Mourn Sopheap addressing the media in Chennai recently.

Mourn Sopheap and Prom Khemara who work at the Cambodian Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts visited Tamilnadu 30 June for the first time and have gone to Kailasanathar temple and Vaikundanathar temple in Kanchipuram, Big temple in Tanjore, Shri Natarajar temple in Chidampuram and Mamallapuram temple. They have expressed happiness in finding lot of evidences which is establishing the historical links between Khmer Dynasty and Pallava Dynasty.


After visiting the historical sites, the officials from the Cambodian Ministry expressed that they have strong feelings that The Khmer emperor Mahendravarman in sixth century has been the ruler of Pallava Dynasty at the same time as well.

They also said that they would be visiting the State later for further studies. The officials were invited and sponsored by Pannatu Thamilar Naduvam headed by president Ka.Thanigasalam.


Pannatu Thamilar Naduvam President Ka. Thiru Thanigasalam.

Speaking to News Today, Thanigasalam said, “We have also decided to invite Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the inauguration of statues. The total value of the project is Rs 25 crore.”

When Suryavarma I planned to attack his neighbouring kingdom of Tamabaralinga (present day Malaysia and south Thailand), Tamabarlinga had requested Kadaram’s Vijayathunga Varma of Srivijaya kingdom for help. After learning this, Suryavarma I asked Rajendra Chola to attack the Srivijaya kingdom. Chola’s naval power decimated Vijayathunga’s kingdom in 1025 AD and even imprisoned Vijayathunga and brought him back to Tanjore and he died in prison. Rajendra Chola’s brave attack and victory over Srivijaya kingdom earned him the title Kadaram Kondan (Conqueror of Kadaram).

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Watch the historic press conference here:


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