Register Your Pet An Animal Passport And Bring Them Along On Travels!

We are sure you have heard of your pets should have the license but how about an identification card which allows you to bring them on travels?

Don’t be surprised because Pet Passports or Malaysian Animal Identification Cards are in existence since 2010!


Pet Passport is an official document of the Malaysian Government under Malaysian Animal Traceability System (MATs) Project. This Passport organised by Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia (DVS) under the Provision of Animal Act 1953.

The pilot project was launched on February 2010 at Veterinary Hospital, Department Of Veterinary Services in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. At this time, about 42 owners, 63 animals (47 cats and 16 dogs) were registered.


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Currently, they only allow dogs, cats, horses and rabbits to register with the DVS. During this registration, your pets’ medical history, photos and pet information will be recorded in one document.

A compact microchip will also be injected under your pet’s skin so just in case if your pet gets lost, it will be easier to trace. Also, this data will be stored in the national database, so when customs officers at national borders can confirm the health and immunisation records of your pets during your travel.

Though this may look exciting, there are also further steps involved to bring your pets to travel. An Import Application must be filed before bringing pets outside Malaysia.

If you have cleared these… Hooray! You can now have your fur babies with you on your travel plan!

For more information on the pet immigration rules, click here For DVS here.

Info & Image via World Of Buzz

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