From Slum to Ship Captain & Entrepreneur. An inspiring story of a Tamil Boy

Mr. Suginthiran Krishna known as Captain KShuegin, his history start up with dry background too.

His childhood filled with tough challenges. Born in Kedah & nurtured in KL.

He used to have school bag & shoe from nearby Garbage Dumping Ground. One day his father discouraged to follow him for the site since he was still studying & should concentrate in his studies.

That was the turning point in his life. While standing & staring to those cars passing by, he starts wondering, why those can have luxury cars & why we aren’t. This start seed in his mind & keep on drive him to draw his ambition on the celestial. He set a blueprint to revamp the family financial status. Almost every week he used to cycle Ampang Hilir where the Embassy Residential & bungalow houses situated. While seeing the houses & mentally question ‘When & how I’m going to build this?’

The answer was once studied well. With this self-motivational practice, he never fails to study throughout the nights. His desires keep on burning towards his ultimate goal where to build a bungalow & super car.

When timeframe enters next chapter of his life, his father ventured a small scale grocery shop & that’s where KShuegin’s entrepreneurship started. Since his father Krishna has vast experience in grocery shop business he taught many skills in marketing, business ethic, financial building and so on.

This part developed & built good confident in KShuegin at studies, morale, motivation & financial handling.

His primary education started with SRJK (Tamil) Ampang was his primary school & followed by SMK Taman Kosas, SMK Tasek Permai & SMK Taman Tasik. With this ability, he manages to enroll his higher studies in Nautical Studies in Malaysia Maritime Academy. Further to this he is a specialist in Dynamic Positioning where high-tech vessel used to operate for underwater operations. He completed this course in Singapore & nautical Institute, London; U.K awarded him the certificate for his excellency. So far this gentleman traveled & worked in more than 33 countries around the world.

His marriage chapter brought his entrepreneurship to next level. He made business trip to India & joined ventured with 63 manufacturers throughout India to deal with Textile Wholesale in Malaysia.

MyMumbai Fashion & Design rose here. This Centre is acting as wholesale & retail unit in Ampang, Selangor.

His next venture was Royal Wedding Car Services where providing bridal car services which in Canadian Style of chauffeuring. This made his service outstanding in the field. Many clients expressed their overwhelming support towards this stunning service.

Triumph Extreme (TE) was his latest discovery where dealing with Event Management & Event Halls. TE Adequate with variety of services, designs & serving as one stop Centre for event related services covers from venue to security.

Captain KShuegin never stopped his move just over there, He contributing good service for the public too. He is the founder for Ampang Tamil School Alumni (ATSA). Currently, ATSA providing many programs for students around.

Our Team’s heartiest wishes towards him for all of his future endeavors.

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