Thai teen electrocuted to death while charging smartphone

A TEENAGER was electrocuted after charging her phone with a frayed extension cable which touched the metal legs of her bed.

Nong Ying, 17, had been playing on her smartphone while it was plugged into the mains using the damaged lead, which was wrapped with duct tape.

The cable appears to have touched her aluminium bed frame, killing her instantly in Chaiyaphum, northeastern Thailand on Friday night.

Nong’s mother, Boonpeng Tuponchai, 47, returned home and found the teenager lying still in the bedroom.

Boonpeng said she thought that her daughter was asleep and tried to wake her up but she suffered a minor electrical shock when she touched the body.

The mother rushed to the power control and cut the power but her daughter was already dead.

She had burns on her left hand, believed to have been from where she was holding the handset.

Investigating officer Police Captain Khanti Peansoongnern blamed an old power strip that had been repaired several times for causing an electric shock.

He said the girl was electrocuted after she accidentally touched the metal bed frame which had come into contact with the electrical current.

Captain Khanti said: “I think the old power strip provided an electrical leakage which ran to the bed, either through the soil on the ground, or directly touching the metal.

“The girl might have then accidentally have touched the bed’s edge which is metal and she was electrocuted.


Picture Courtesy : Thai Examiner

“However, we need to collect evidence from the scene and examine the body for the post mortem examination before we can confirm her cause of death, will not rule anything out at this stage.” – Daily Mail

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