Titan does a first, launches Tamil script embossed watch collection

For the first time in their 35-year-long history, well known watchmaker TITAN has launched a limited edition ‘Tamil Nadu Collection’ with ‘Titan’ brand embossed in ‘Tamil’ script as a tribute to the state of Tamil Nadu.

The collection, which Titan says is a “celebration of Tamil Nadu’s culture, literature and architecture” comprises seven watches whose designs pay tribute to the state’s rich temple heritage, the Tamil language and Tamil Nadu’s famous Kanjeevaram silk sarees.


“Incidentally, one of the largest contributors to Titan’s business is the state of Tamil Nadu, which stands at 12 percent,” said Revathi Kant, chief design officer, Titan, “So, we thought: why not do something for Tamil Nadu?”

The seven watches that make Titan’s Tamil Nadu Collection have subtle variations, each of which is an ode to Tamil Nadu’s identity. Part of the collection has Tamil numerals on the watch’s dial, while a couple of other timepieces feature designs inspired by ceiling art found in Tamil Nadu’s temples. But the designer’s personal favourite is also the collection’s magnum opus, themed on Kanjeevaram silk, whose dial has hand-woven silk on the inset. Incidentally, the timepiece is also the collection’s most expensive piece priced at nearly Rs 7,000.


“The watches themselves are as simple as can be in terms of the case and the strap. The story, emotion and tradition are on the dial,” says Titan’s design chief, “We wanted it to be contemporary — if you are wearing a pair of jeans and shirt, and want to sport a little bit of Tamil Nadu, your watch has to connect with what you are doing.”



Kant adds that the idea behind the collection’s more grounded metal and leather watch straps, sans experimentation, has to do with the watchmaker’s plan to target a mass market and contemporary audience. Titan’s Tamil Nadu collection is priced between Rs 4,495 and Rs 6,995 and will be available online and across its showrooms in Tamil Nadu.

cov Titan2-1

Source & Image courtesy: CNBCTV18

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