A couple in their 60s fell in love and get married at old age home where they live

Kochaniyan Menon and Lakshmi Ammal, the couple who met and fell in love at the government-run old age home in Ramavarmapuram in Thrissur district of Kerala, India, got married on Saturday (28th Dec) at 11 am at the home. State Agriculture Minister VS Sunil Kumar, who attended the function, offered Lakshmi Ammal’s hand in marriage to Kochaniyan.


The wedding was scheduled for December 30, but was later pushed ahead. Lakshmi Ammal wore a red silk saree with minimal jewellery and jasmine flowers in her hair. Kochaniyan was in traditional off-white mundu and shirt.

The superintendent of the old age home, Jayakumar, told that she also had a mehendi function on Friday evening. “We had arranged a mandapam and at 11 am sharp, they were married,” he said. The function ended with a grand sadhya (feast).


“This was one of the happiest moments of my life. Witnessing the marriage of Kochaniyan and Lakshmi Ammal will always a memorable experience. The management, social workers, other inmates and wellwishers had made this marriage a memorable one. This is the first wedding in a state-run old age home. The 67-year-old groom and 65-year-old bride seemed pleasant and energetic when they entered mandapam. I heartily wish that their married life is happy and peaceful,” minister Sunil Kumar wrote on Facebook.


Lakshmi Ammal and Kochaniyan knew each other for 30 years and lost touch a few years ago. Kochaniyan was an assistant to Lakshmi Ammal’s husband, who passed away 21 years ago.

“After he passed away, I lived alone in my house for some years. Kochaniyan used to come home if I required some help. Later, I sold my house and shifted to a relative’s house, where I lived for many years. Kochaniyan used to check on me often,” Lakshmi Ammal narrates her story.

A few years ago, Kochaniyan went somewhere and did not return. “Two years ago, I came here, to this old age home”.  And two months ago, she met Kochaniyan, once again, at the same old age home. Lakshmi Ammal had then says that it was a blessing.

“We are not sure how long we can stay together as we are old. But we will be happy and I feel somebody is there next to me always,” she had said.


Lakshmi Ammal is not sure if they were in love earlier. But she says they liked each other a lot even then. “I was surprised to see him. I was feeling lonely all these years. When I met him here, I was overjoyed. He never left me alone. He loves me,” she says.

“That’s why we decided to lead the rest of our lives as husband and wife,” she adds.

lakshmi ammal wedding

Via thenewsminute.com and image courtesy of latestly.com, english.mathrubhumi.com and VS Sunil Kumar facebook profile

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