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Company switches to a 4-day week work and sees a Rise in profits

It’s a concept that was once merely considered a pipe dream. But now a four-day working week is slowly becoming a realistic alternative for Australian employees. A digital agency in Melbourne claims it has become the first company across the nation to implement the groundbreaking working arrangements. Versa now gives its 55 employees an additional day off on a Wednesday

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20k missing Tamils are Dead ! says Sri Lanka

The new Sri Lankan president has finally admitted the 20,000 missing Tamils who vanished during the nation’s civil war are dead. Gotabaya Rajapaksa – who was then defence secretary – led government troops to victory over Tamil soldiers, but his forces were accused of carrying out mass disappearances and executions. It is the first time after 10 years as the

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Respect hati baik saudara Thiban, kata abang Melayu ini

“SAYA kagum dengan sikapnya kerana sanggup membantu orang dalam kesusahan tanpa menghiraukan perbezaan kaum dan agama,” kata Mohamad Taufik Zainuddin, 27, mengulas mengenai ciapan dimuat naiknya di Twitter. Menerusi ciapan berkenaan, Mohamad Taufik berkongsi kisah adiknya, Mohamad Asyraf Zainuddin, 25, yang terbabit kemalangan motosikal selepas terlanggar pembahagi jalan di Subang Jaya, Selangor kira-kira 5 pagi pada 21 January 2020.  Berikutan

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Real History of Thai Pongal – The Harvest Festival

Tamil festival of Thai Pongal is a thanks giving ceremony in which the farmers celebrate the event to thank the spirits of nature spirit, the Sun and the farm animals for their assistance in providing a successful harvest. The rest of the people celebrate the festival to pay their thanks to the farmers for the production of food. This festival

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Hindu caste injustice-3,000 Tamils to convert to Islam after Coimbatore wall collapse

Discriminated, denied, and arrested for demanding their rights, more than 3,000 members who belong or are linked to the Tamil Puligal Katchi, a Dalit political outfit at Tamil Nadu, India will be converting to Islam in multiple phases from 5th January of 2020. The reason cited was the injustice meted out to the poor Tamil Dalits at Nadur village in

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Kakak Melayu yang hantar anaknya ke sekolah Tamil

Bagi memenuhi hasrat ibu mentua yang mahu cucu-cucunya menguasai pelbagai bahasa mendorong Nurul Fadznie Ashikin Hairul, 27, mengambil keputusan menghantar anak sulungnya belajar di Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil (SJKT). Nurul Fadzie Ashikin berkata, dia dan suaminya, Alifdin Latif, 28 dari Taman Perdana, Karak memilih untuk menghantar Siti Nur Husna Alifdin yang bakal memasuki tahun satu ke SJKT Karak. “Saya dan

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