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Company switches to a 4-day week work and sees a Rise in profits

It’s a concept that was once merely considered a pipe dream. But now a four-day working week is slowly becoming a realistic alternative for Australian employees. A digital agency in Melbourne claims it has become the first company across the nation to implement the groundbreaking working arrangements. Versa now gives its 55 employees an additional day off on a Wednesday

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Doctor’s rags-to-riches story inspires many on social media

A young doctor’s story about overcoming the adversity of coming from a poor family has captured the hearts of netizens. According to Malaysiakini, Dr Nimelesh Balanthiren, 30, lost his father while he was only 11, and was raised by his mother, K Vijayalakshmi, 59, who earned a meagre RM1,000 a month, working as a kindergarten teacher in Georgetown, Penang. While

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