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Bhutan’s 2 in 1 Prime Minister cum Doctor Lotay Tshering

It’s Saturday in Bhutan and Lotay Tshering has just completed urinary bladder repair surgery on a patient at the Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National Referral Hospital. But Tshering is no ordinary doctor. During the week, he also happens to be prime minister in the Himalayan kingdom famous for measuring citizens’ Gross National Happiness. “For me it’s a de-stresser,” said Tshering, who

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Which Is More Harmful? Cigarette Or Agarbatti Smoke?

It’s a common practice in Hindu tradition to use agarbatti (incense sticks) at home, in religious ceremonies, and during meditation. Besides its soothing scent, it also helps reduce stress and relax our senses. But did you know inhaling incense smoke can harm your health in a similar way to cigarette smoke? In ancient times, our ancestors used to make incense

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Ways to Remove Kan-Drishti or Evil Eye!

Did you know that the evil eye is not only a superstitious belief but is supported scientifically via the thoughts of waves? How it works is that, when a person directs his or hers negative/evil thought waves onto another person, the victim’s forthcoming life events are delayed or denied. These forthcoming can be in the form of misfortune, diseases or

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Secret of Kuttu Vilaku குத்து விளக்கும் & ரகசியமும்

Lights up the Standing lamp (KUTTU VILAKU) during prayers time is custom practiced as an Indian/Tamil tradition since ancient time. Nowadays, majority people not aware about the number faces to lit up on the Standing lamp and its benefits. In Standing lamp: LIGHTS UP ONE FACE- • This is suitable for ancestor’s prayers. (Low benefit) LIGHTS UP TWO FACES- •

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The Power of Peacock Feather மயில் இறகின் சக்தி

Peacock is main vehicle of Lord Murugan, therefore it’s feather is considered to be sacred and many people commonly keep the peacock feather in their prayers room. Did you know that this peacock feather can diminish hardship in our life ? • A peacock feather should be placed in a coffer (Money Box). This will improve the wealth status and

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Do You Drool When You Sleep? You Are Very Lucky Then And We Will Explain Why

It happens that those people who fail to adequately reconcile a good night’s rest, are affected their brain functions in a very negative way. Even his health presents considerable wear. Despite the great pleasure and the immense need we have regarding the hours of sleep, we will not be able to spend in our bed as long as we please.

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