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People’s Story: Indian Cook Who Saved Chinese Girl During Japanese Invasion Of Malaya

My Grandfather vs Japanese Army ! My grandfather was a working in railways before 1940’s. In 1941, Japanese Army invaded Malaya gradually and occupied until 1945. That 4 years were terrible time for Chinese people in Malaya. Because of China-Japan war in Far East, The Japanese and Chinese were like sworn enemies. After the Japanese Army invaded Malaya, many Chinese

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Sculptural Representation of Fertilization At Ancient Tamizhars Temple

The images of fertilization below are from Varamurtheeswarar temple at Ariyathurai, Tamilnadu. Temple is claimed to be 6000 years old based on some legendary aspects (considering the legendary connection to sages Romar and Mukunthan). But a reasonable estimate is about 1000 years. King Kunjara Cholan has made additions to the temple. The temple definitely existed in Chola era (around 1000

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“Woman of Steel Puan Chandramalar” a remarkable Malaysia Tamil lady story

OVER the years, with safer and better-paying careers to choose from, fewer non-Malay women are applying to join the Malaysian Police Force. This, however, only makes      A. Chandramalar’s career and achievements all the more rare and remarkable. In the first 12 years of her police career, during which she served as a prosecuting officer at the magistrates’ court

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Another Angkor Wat in MALAYSIA ? Johor’s Kota Gelanggi The Kingdom Of Sri Vijaya

Research Still In Progress By Mr.Ganesan (Kajian Lapangan Geografi Fizikal) KOTA GELANGGI – AN ANCIENT HINDU KINGDOM BASED IN JOHOR LOST AND FORGOTTEN (excerpted from Johor The lost cityblogspot) Did anyone tell you this? In 2005, The Star newspaper reported that a lost city of the Sri Vijaya Empire was found by a local researcher Raimy Che-Ross. Raimy’s findings were

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HIDDEN SECRETS BEHIND MENSTRUAL TABOO மாதவிலக்கு காலங்களின் ரகசியம் !

Dear women, do you want to gain more universal energy and progress in spirituality? Please make the best use out of your menstrual period. The truth behind temple restrictions during menstrual period is totally different from what is believed nowadays. Wake up, World ! 90% of women won’t go to temple during their menstrual period mainly due to the largely

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