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RM 9 Monthly plan to uplift Malaysia Indians Submitted to the Government

KUALA LUMPUR: A policy paper on a community fund for Malaysian Indians has been completed after six months of work and it will be submitted to the government for consideration, said Klang MP Charles Santiago. The fund, which is Malaysia’s version of the Singapore Indian Development Association (Sinda) fund, is to help all lower and middle-class Indians in education, business,

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‘RM100,000 fine, jail 20 years for drunk driving’ Government mulls

BUTTERWORTH: The government is studying amending the penalty for motorists found guilty for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, as well as for dangerous driving, causing death, with a fine of up to RM100,000, said Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng. He said besides the fine, the jail sentence for the offender will be increased to 20 years from

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KTMB would be offering non-stop train services for four days and three nights in conjunction with Thaipusam, starting from Feb 7 at 5.45am and ending on Feb 10 at 9.36pm. KTMB operations control head Mohd Zain Mat Taha said there will be an additional platform at the Batu Caves KTM Station and offer a dedicated shuttle service in conjunction with

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Respect hati baik saudara Thiban, kata abang Melayu ini

“SAYA kagum dengan sikapnya kerana sanggup membantu orang dalam kesusahan tanpa menghiraukan perbezaan kaum dan agama,” kata Mohamad Taufik Zainuddin, 27, mengulas mengenai ciapan dimuat naiknya di Twitter. Menerusi ciapan berkenaan, Mohamad Taufik berkongsi kisah adiknya, Mohamad Asyraf Zainuddin, 25, yang terbabit kemalangan motosikal selepas terlanggar pembahagi jalan di Subang Jaya, Selangor kira-kira 5 pagi pada 21 January 2020.  Berikutan

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Real History of Thai Pongal – The Harvest Festival

Tamil festival of Thai Pongal is a thanks giving ceremony in which the farmers celebrate the event to thank the spirits of nature spirit, the Sun and the farm animals for their assistance in providing a successful harvest. The rest of the people celebrate the festival to pay their thanks to the farmers for the production of food. This festival

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Malaysian Human Calculator Yaashwin Scored 8As 1B in PT3 Examination

Malaysia’s Human Calculator 15-year-old Yaashwin Sarawanan took Malaysians by surprise when he got selected for Asia’s Got Talent Season 3 and secured the 2nd spot in the Grand Finale of the show. His incredible mathematical abilities, along with a charming personality, was a win among the show’s judges and audience. After his new-found success, Yaashwin took a break to focus

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