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10 things you need to know about Nithyananda’s own ‘Hindu nation’ Kailaasa

Fugitive self-styled godman Nithyananda, who fled India following an alleged case of kidnapping and wrongful confinement of children to make them collect donations from followers for his ashram in Ahmedabad, is reportedly in Kailaasa, but this Kailaasa is not the one in the Himalayas. Nithyananda is also accused of allegedly raping his former disciple under the garb of spirituality. All

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London knife attacker identified as Usman Khan terrorism ex-convict

LONDON: British police named the man who stabbed two people to death in London on Friday in what the authorities called a terrorist attack as 28-year-old Usman Khan, who had been convicted of terrorism offences and was released from prison last year. “This individual was known to authorities, having been convicted in 2012 for terrorism offences,” Britain’s top counter-terrorism police

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INDIA, Hyderabad- The brutal rape and murder of Dr. Priyanka Reddy has caused shock waves throughout India and now the Cyberabad police have cracked the case quickly and have arrested prime suspect a lorry driver Mohammed Pasha, Naveen from Gudigandla, cleaner Kesavulu, and an assistant named Siva. According to police reports Pasha has confessed how the crime was planned and

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Titan does a first, launches Tamil script embossed watch collection

For the first time in their 35-year-long history, well known watchmaker TITAN has launched a limited edition ‘Tamil Nadu Collection’ with ‘Titan’ brand embossed in ‘Tamil’ script as a tribute to the state of Tamil Nadu. The collection, which Titan says is a “celebration of Tamil Nadu’s culture, literature and architecture” comprises seven watches whose designs pay tribute to the state’s

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Cambodia to ban elephant rides at Angkor Wat temples

PHNOM PENH: Cambodia will ban all elephant rides at the country’s famed Angkor temple park by early next year, an official said Friday, a rare win for conservationists who have long decried the popular practice as cruel. The Angkor archaeological complex in northern Siem Reap attracts the bulk of the kingdom’s foreign tourists – which topped six million in 2018

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MIA on Assange: ‘No one has fought for us the way he has’

United Kingdom : British-Tamil rapper MIA has condemned the imprisonment of Julian Assange, saying the UK should appreciate the whistleblower as an asset while the US is wrong in its attempt to have him extradited. Speaking to Al Jazeera on 6th November by phone, after a protest event on Tuesday evening held in support of the WikiLeaks founder outside the

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