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Kuyili: The Brave Tamil Commander Whose Sacrifice Remains An Unsung Tale

It is not common knowledge that Velu Nachiyar (1730-96), the Queen of Sivagangai, was the first ruler in the Indian history to wage a war against the British colonisers in 1780, about seventy-seven years before what we believed to be the First War of Independence took place. What is perhaps even lesser known is that the strategy that helped her

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Velu Nachiyar: 1st Tamil Queen in the History Who Won Battle Against The British

There are names, the very utterance of which, will ship you to warriors’ paradise! You will experience goose bumps!! Many kings and queens, all freedom fighters around the world, are glorified in History and many are scarcely appreciated. The sacrifices of many freedom fighters have been wiped away from the pages of History! Today, we breathe free and live free

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