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Sri Lanka withdrawing from UN resolution investigating alleged war crime

COLOMBO: Sri Lanka Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, who oversaw a brutal end to a decades-long conflict with Tamil separatists, said Wednesday (19 Feb) the country was withdrawing from a United Nations resolution investigating alleged war crimes. Rajapaksa was president when Sri Lankan troops defeated Tamil Tiger guerrillas in 2009, but rights groups accused the army of killing at least 40,000

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US blacklist Sri Lanka army chief over War Crime

WASHINGTON: The United States said Friday (14 Feb) it would refuse entry to Sri Lanka’s army chief over what it called credible evidence of human rights violations in the 2009 finale to the civil war. Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva, whose appointment last year drew widespread international criticism, will be ineligible to visit the United States, as will his immediate family,

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Showing Sympathy For Liberation Struggles is Not a Crime – SUARAM on LTTE issue

OPINION | Do Malaysians still remember how the Prime Minister has repeatedly stressed that “New Malaysia” is strictly based on the rule of law? This is apart from the PH GE14 manifesto that promised to do away with detention without trial laws such as SOSMA, POCA and POTA. Recent police action is disturbing as it is in direct contradiction to

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