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Hindu caste injustice-3,000 Tamils to convert to Islam after Coimbatore wall collapse

Discriminated, denied, and arrested for demanding their rights, more than 3,000 members who belong or are linked to the Tamil Puligal Katchi, a Dalit political outfit at Tamil Nadu, India will be converting to Islam in multiple phases from 5th January of 2020. The reason cited was the injustice meted out to the poor Tamil Dalits at Nadur village in

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Malaysian Tamils & Japanese Death Railway – A Heartbreaking Sad Story

Malaysia is a beautiful country known for its multiracial citizens living together in harmony. But how did Tamils from South India Tamil Nadu end up in Malaya and become an important part in forming Malaysia? The ill-fated story of ‘the railway of death’ may have been forgotten by many – or not even known by some younger Malaysians. But as

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Singapore Minister launches book which traces Tamil community’s presence in region dating back 2,000 years

SINGAPORE – A newly launched publication has traced the Tamil community’s presence in Singapore and South-east Asia back 2,000 years. The Indian Heritage Centre’s From Sojourners To Settlers – Tamils in Southeast Asia and Singapore was launched on last Saturday (Dec 7) by Singapore Minister Of Communications and Information S. Iswaran at the Asian Civilisations Museum. “The Tamil community in

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