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Nautical and Watercraft Terms From Ancient Tamil Literature

During the beginning of the Common Era, the Maritime trade peaked in the regions of Southeast Asia, Peninsular India, Srilanka and the Red Sea coast. The Greek and Latin accounts clearly attest to the increased trade activities in this period. The use of large crafts for navigation is well recorded in these accounts. The early historic Tamil Sangam literature dated

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2,600 years old Keezhadi: Link between Tamil Nadu and Indus Valley Civilisation

In what may be a major discovery for Tamil’s history as per 5th excavation report released on 19 September 2019 by TN Archeological Department, artefacts found in excavations carried out at Keezhadi in Tamil Nadu’s Sivagangai district have determined a possible link between the scripts of the Indus Valley Civilisation and Tamil Brahmi, which is the precursor to modern Tamil.

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