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Ancient China and Tamil Nadu’s thousands of years of Friendship

The Chinese and Tamil communities have celebrated thousands of years of friendship. And this rich bilateral exchange has been recorded by several monks and traders. The history of Tamil-Chinese interactions dates back two thousand years ago. From the renowned Buddhist monk XuanZang to nameless explorers, numerous Chinese travellers and historians have left notes on Tamil people and the ancient Tamil

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The 2,500 year-old Tamil City that Once Clothed Rome!

Kodumanal is a unassuming village in Tamil Nadu and it would be a stretch – both geographically and imaginatively, to say that it had, or has, anything remotely to do with the city of Rome in Italy. But as they say – fact can sometimes be stranger than fiction, and as archaeological excavations has revealed, the village was a prominent

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Tamil Nadu’s Adichanallur relics are 2,900 years old between 905 BC and 696 BC

Chennai: The Madras high court has said based on the Carbon dating report regarding samples taken from Adichanallur site, the Archaeological Survey of India has to take a decision whether it is going to excavate on its own or the Central government is going to permit the state government in this regard. A division bench comprising Justices N.Kirubakaran and S.S.Sundar said,

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