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Malaysian doctor based in UK succumbs to COVID-19

A Malaysian neonatology specialist consultant based at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital was among the COVID-19 fatalities in the United Kingdom where the number of deaths is now close to 20,000. According to Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Trust in a tribute post on its official website on Friday, the 48-year-old Dr Vishna Rasiah leaves behind his wife, Liza, and

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MIA on Assange: ‘No one has fought for us the way he has’

United Kingdom : British-Tamil rapper MIA has condemned the imprisonment of Julian Assange, saying the UK should appreciate the whistleblower as an asset while the US is wrong in its attempt to have him extradited. Speaking to Al Jazeera on 6th November by phone, after a protest event on Tuesday evening held in support of the WikiLeaks founder outside the

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